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the number of tenants who found
a home at our social and
affordable housing units

St Vincent de Paul Housing is a Special Purpose Vehicle holding only the assets we developed under the NSW Government’s Social and Affordable Housing Fund (SAHF) program.

We understand that many Australians could be one or two paycheques away from homelessness. Our members and staff have seen first-hand the consequences of the failure of the housing market to provide safe, secure and affordable housing to those on low incomes.

Through St Vincent de Paul Housing, we are providing people with one of the most fundamental human needs: a safe and stable home. As a provider of the NSW Government’s Social and Affordable Housing Fund (SAHF), St Vincent de Paul Housing has been contracted to build 502 units for people on low incomes. Of these, 357 are for social housing and 145 are for affordable housing tenants following the completion of construction in 2020/21.

Under the SAHF model, we are also coordinating tailored support for our housing tenants through our Vinnies Services team. These wrap-around services ensure that not only do people have a roof over their heads – they are also supported to address any issues impacting their wellbeing.

The St Vincent de Paul Housing 2020/21 Annual Performance & Outcomes Report is available here.